Tuesday, 14 October 2014

GERB Declines DPS’ Offer  of Support for Minority Government - Novinite.com - Sofia News Agency

GERB Declines DPS’ Offer  of Support for Minority Government - Novinite.com - Sofia News Agency:

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New 5 star hotel in Balchik Bulgaria

Interesting developments here.A new luxury hotel has started construction right on the harbour.It compliments the great golf news coming from the three international golf courses, about high booking levels and spring and autumn charter flights.Contact us on info@gobg.co.uk or see our property website www.gobg.co.uk

BBC News - Bulgaria's military warned of Soviet-era 'catastrophe'

BBC News - Bulgaria's military warned of Soviet-era 'catastrophe':

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Protesters Block International Road Demanding Withdrawal of DPS's MP 'Bat Sali' - Novinite.com - Sofia News Agency

Protesters Block International Road Demanding Withdrawal of DPS's MP 'Bat Sali' - Novinite.com - Sofia News Agency:

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Monday, 13 October 2014

Great News for Golfers going to Bulgaria

Status Update
By PE Consulting ltd.
Super News from Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort – Lighthouse charters its own plane in spring and autumn for flights to/from Scandinavia. From 4th April 2015 until 16th May 2015 and from 9th September 2015 until 31st October 2015 the Lighthouse plane is flying exclusively for Cape Kaliakra Golf guests from Copenhagen and Stockholm directly to Varna.  You can book your seats already from today, directly at Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort. We have 60 seats per plane left for golfers, golf bags are included in the package. Any questions or comments? Let me know or contact Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort. 

Remember for property here in Bulgaria go to www.gobg.co.uk

Friday, 10 October 2014

Helping Those in Need in Bulgaria- A guest post from Bernadette Leggett

Hi as promised a guest post from Bernie from Silistra Orphanage Appeal and many other worthy causes !.

The Bulgarian Orphanage Appeal None profit Organization Hi we are Bernadette & Douglas Leggett, we are from Peterborough in the UK. We are just two ordinary people trying to make a difference to the lives of those children and young adults and elderly who are less fortunate than ourselves. We have for the past 7 years dedicated our time and skills to helping 21 organisations here all over Bulgaria. Now we mainly focus on Silistra as this is where we have a house. We set up a small none profit charitable organisation in the UK The Bulgarian Orphanage Appeal. The Dimcho Debelainov Orphanage will always be our main priority. We also have the Baby Orphanage, the Disability Day Centre, The home for the Elderly, the new SFTH Disability Centre for young children and adults, also Malek Preslavez orphanage and now our newest project is The Teenage Disability Centre in Glavinitiza

We bring donated items of clothing, shoes, toys, tools computers, machines, materials, toiletries Christmas shoe-boxes etc form the UK and one year from Belgium for the orphanages, disability centres hospital and home for the elderly in Silistra Malek Preslavetz orphanage as well as sending good to Plovdiv, Vidin, Dobrich, Karlovo and other areas. Our aim is to give these children/adults a better quality in life with the necessities and if possible a little more. Our latest project is The Teenage Disability Centre in Glavinitiza - We have visited this home and are appalled at the conditions they live in. This centre is in a very bad condition and is in need of a big refurbishment however, we cannot afford to do that ourselves therefore, we are asking help from the local Municipality and the community and anyone else that feel they can help us. We do NOT want MONEY, what we need please are donated items of materials to renovate the properties, or if you cannot help with them, than there are other items such as new beds, settees, dining room tables and chairs, fridges freezers, cookers curtains to rugs, toiletries, laminated flooring, paint, showers, toilets, hand basins basically anything you feel you as a company or an individual can donate, all items will be made good use of. Thank you in advance..

If we do manage to get the buildings repaired they will need monitoring and maintaining, perhaps your company can donate a contract for general upkeep checks etc. We are doing what we can to help. The youngsters living there have nothing or very little, they lack the necessities like toiletries, clothing, shoes, food and much more. We brought them a huge lorry load of goods from the UK and our sponsors Bon Marine Shipping Agency in Varna also send a truck load of goods including a pallet of food. The youngsters were over the moon and they all received something - Nasuf, Nasuf Governor of Silistra and Vjara Deputy Governor were very supportive to our cause - They found us storage to store our 40ft container load when it came to Bulgaria and also found sponsors Stefvano Ltd in Silistra to supply us with transporting the goods from storage to Glavinitza. As you can imagine this was indeed a great help to us as we are only too people struggling to do everything ourselves and also try to raise transport cost from UK to Bulgaria. This year we were very lucky our followers and supporters raised the transport costs for us.

Our cause is NOT about money, we fund raise all year to reach the transport costs from UK to Bulgaria - we are very lucky we have fantastic supporters in UK and Bulgaria Belgium and Italy. We have sponsors here in Bulgaria too Nominal Accounting Ltd in Burgas, Bon Marine Shipping in Varna, NZT Transport in Sofia, SewAge Solution in Sofia, Pescott's Foods in Yambol and Pelican Guesthouse Serberna and lots of wonderful Ex pats who rally round when we need help. We hold an Annual Garden Party at the Dimcho Silistra to raise funds to go towards items needed. Over the years, we have bought 40 new bunk beds, 46 bikes, swimming pool, marquee, trainers and more. The funds raised last year will go towards a holiday for the children in August this year...

These are the conditions the youngsters live in at Gavinitisa so as you can see, we are in great need of help with this project. These youngsters are based out of the town away from everyone and everything. They needs so much it is very hard to know where to start, the main priority is to ensure they have sufficient food and the buildings are habitable - The shower rooms and toilets are disgraceful as is the kitchen/dining room and broken furniture. They make the best of what they have by adding paint here and there for colour. You can see many photos on the Facebook below as well as on our website.

You can contact us direct on our website or Facebook below or tel no 0888 487394 or contact the Mayor of Glavinitza or Vyara Deputy Governor of Silistra.  Please feel free to browse the website and the Facebook. Thank you so much for your support, with your help we can all ensure these youngsters have a safe and more comfortable home.

Berni & Dougie

Gerard Depardieu To Shoot Film In Bulgaria - Novinite.com - Sofia News Agency

Gerard Depardieu To Shoot Film In Bulgaria - Novinite.com - Sofia News Agency:

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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Silistra Bulgarian Orphanage

Two or so nights ago I had a wonderful conversation with Bernadette Leggett who does magnificent work with needy groups all over Bulgaria.I promised to put something on this blog just to start working for the kids she does so much work for.Then I had power cuts and general pandemonium here, so just had the time to post a holding reply and will promise to get something substantial in the next few days.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Breaking News: Austrian Airlines plane forced to make emergency landing at Varna

An Austrian airlines plane travelling to Vienna from Varna, was forced to return to Varna after the landing gear failed after take-off.Fortunately no-one injured.

Post Script it tried to take off again but that was aborted.So the flight was cancelled and today's flight is fully booked.Some complaints on the web about similar experiences with this airline.

BBC - Travel - Bulgarian road trip: Sofia to the City of the Tsars : Road Trips, Europe

BBC - Travel - Bulgarian road trip: Sofia to the City of the Tsars : Road Trips, Europe:

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Thursday, 2 October 2014

The Strange Case of the Missing Tourists.....

Has anyone, apart from me, noticed the lack of reporting in Bulgaria of two missing Polish tourists who disappeared, and then were 'maybe' found dead in separate locations hundreds of kilometres from where they disappeared in Golden Sands, or the German tourist who ran out of Varna airport in some sort of paranoid crisis and, it appears has not been seen since ?.Has anyone any ideas or news.These stories have simply vanished.

Great Property Bargains in Bulgaria at the end of the season


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Nick Griffin expelled from British National party | Politics | The Guardian

Nick Griffin expelled from British National party | Politics | The Guardian:

toad expelled from toad hall .

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Bulgarian House Doctor Service- Get your house sold sooner not later

Having trouble selling your house ?, been on the market for ages ?.Your strategy is probably all wrong, or your house may have presentational issues..remember the first two minutes of viewing are crucial.No 'wow' factor no sale. If you want an assessment of your property (to actually sell it) contact us at info@gobg.co.uk

Saturday, 20 September 2014

4 bed house for sale in exclusive Balchik Villa Zone 148,000 Euro

Lovely modern villa with magnificent sea and harbour views, plus lots more; go to www.gobg.co.uk for further information.